Berei Zoltán–Barcsay Gergő: Metro Boulder | Subway Boulder, 2010
(installáció 410x380 cm, 2 szivacs matrac, 400x150 cm, 53 db
mászófogás | installation, 410x380 cm, 2 foam mattresses, 400x150 cm,
53 foot and hand holds) 

An underground adventure above ground. The interactive network of
lines borrowed from the subway map of Budapest forms a visual il-
lustration of our sluggishly constructed public transport system on the
wall. We fxed handles to the climbing wall at all the marked positions
of subway stations. People getting into the spirit of adventure can use
these handles to climb up the wall and follow the routes indicated. They
can experiment with various combinations of handles, according to their
level of expertise. The soles of their shoes leave marks on the white wall,
thus transforming the map of the public transport system into a piece of
community art. Climbers work without a safety line, i.e. “without a ticket
controller”. Passengers who fall of will land on the “bumper carpet”. 
They can repeat the experience to the point of exhaustion, either by getting
back onboard or by transferring to another line.

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